The Lupus Dei Experience Walks Through The Valley On “Sin City” EP

The Lupus Dei Experience walks through the valley on “Sin City” EP.

The Lupus Dei Experience provides a birds’-eye view into the sin that is among us. This project takes us back to when Kanye was making songs like “Jesus Walks.” This world seems to be “going up in flames” and The Lupus Dei Experience gives us some of what might be causing this on “This World.” However, no one wants to take the blame.

Sin City” helps us see what is out of order in this world. This EP is a moral compass of sorts with the spiritual energy that is all over it. The Lupus Dei Experience questions his faith because of the uphill battle on “Mountains,” but recovers late in the song. The Lupus Dei Experience speaks to the mountains in his path and tells them to move.

Whatever is in his path should be moved after the release of this EP. His rhymes speak to a different part of us and give us hope.

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