Alex Ludovico & Jason Griff Celebrate With ‘ThreeOneTwo’

Alex Ludovico & Jason Griff - ThreeOneTwo (EP)

Alex Ludovico and Jason Griff make their SpitFireHipHop debut with their “ThreeOneTwo” EP.

In celebration of the (hopefully temporary) end of live music in Chicago, rapper Alex Ludovico and producer Jason Griff have released their latest 5-song EP, “ThreeOneTwo” on the one year anniversary of the statewide shutdown of large public gatherings, including live music shows. 3/12 is often a day of joy in Chicago, in honor of the city’s oldest area code- 312. Every year there are live shows throughout the city- but not this year.

As a small consolation, Alex and Griff are back with their 3rd EP of straight-to-your-face bars and beats. No overly complicated concepts, just having fun with words and sounds and giving listeners something to bump in the whip as we approach nicer weather and (hopefully) re-opening of the world.

The EP features guest appearances from Black Le’More, Ace Cannons, Primo Dirty and the late Lorde Jones Scorcese.

There is also a limited edition physical CD release which includes their two previous EPs, Scarf Tissue and The Red One is Here. Run. remastered and re-sequenced along with ThreeOneTwo. The disc also includes an exclusive bonus remix of “Dy-no-mite” Feat. Scorcese and Handsome Boy Banks.

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