Co City Releases New “Coming To Grips” EP

Co City - Coming to Grips (EP)

Co City makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with his new album, “Coming To Grips.”

Elev8tor Music presents the new EP from Co City. The new EP, “Coming To Grips” is a very strong effort from Co City. What does it mean to come to grips with things. For some it means to get ready to go harder, for others it means to pack it up because the game is over for them.

In the case of Co City, it means that he is just getting started. On the track “Forever,” Ice Cube is asked if he would ever be too old to rap. The hook on this song says “even if it takes forever” which means that Co City is determined to make this happen by all means.

It is weird that Hip-Hop is the only genre that has an expiration age for its artists. Forever just happens to be one of our favorites along with the other six tracks. This EP is one of the standouts for 2021.

Yoel Molina Law

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