LuGhz Releases New “Before Sunrise” EP

LuGhz - Before Sunrise

LuGhz is back with his new “Before Sunrise” EP.

The Nigerian born LuGhz, now living in Queens, New York returns with a new body of work. His “Before Sunrise” EP is nine track album that includes features from The Grim Sleeper, C.R.H., and Shot Spitune. LuGhz has put together a great body of work that we hope will lead to a full-length project.

On “Before Sunrise” LuGhz drops jewels over production provided by the likes of Chuck Chan, DJ Radio Head, C.R.H., Jay 1, KHEYZINE, and Yellow Balaclava. Press play on “Before Sunrise” below.

Yoel Molina Law

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