Supreme Drops New “Love Jones” EP

Supreme - Love Jones

On the heels of Father’s Day, Staten Island native MC Supreme leads with love on his debut EP Love Jones, available everywhere today. Based on the importance of relationships with family and loved ones, the Love Jones EP takes an honest approach, addressing relationships with his mother, brother, and even his complicated relationship with his father, Ghostface Killah (weaved throughout the project are recordings of real phone conversations between Supreme and his dad). 

The ‘Love Jones’ EP tells the story of just how I bounced back from my lowest point in life. I lost people. I had to grieve, let go, and accept the things that aren’t fair in life… Around the end of my sophomore year at Morgan State University, I wanted to drop out of school. I felt regretful, like if I had never gone to college I would have already been progressing in my music career. The only reason I went to college was to be a role model to my younger sister, and to make my mother proud. I was the only one in my immediate family to go to college. When Nipsey Hussle was murdered, I gained a new perspective. It’s like it took for his passing to get me back on track. That’s when I started writing ‘Love Jones’. I started merging music with school work, and managed to excel in both… Travel with me through my love for music, family, friends and life’s lessons that helped me get through.” – Supreme

Yoel Molina Law

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