CRAVENETO Drop Their New EP Titled “My Brother, Myself”

CraveNeto - My Brother, Myself (EP)

CRAVENETO share their new EP, “My Brother, Myself.”

The collective that is Certain.Ones returns with a new EP from Mookneto and Bobby Craves. The guys from Certain.Ones are very creative with their content, from their rhymes, production, to the cover art for their projects. I was never a comic book kid, but enjoy a superhero movie from time to time.

Mookneto and Bobby Craves sound like a couple of superheroes on “My Brother, Myself.” Listening to Mookneto and Bobby Craves activated the memory of a time when Hip-Hop gave us something to be proud of. This is the mind bending Hip-Hop that will have you rewinding each of the three tracks that make up the new EP, “My Brother, Myself.”

After listening to this EP you will understand why they titled the EP “My Brother, Myself.” Press play on the EP and enjoy the production provided by Wann Sklobi, Greendutch. and Cool Out Chris.

Yoel Molina Law

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