Realio Sparkzwell Releases New “LXMXNXTI” EP

Realio Sparkzwell - LXMXNXTI (EP) front

Realio Sparkzwell share his new “LXMXNXTI” (EP).

The creative juices keep flowing with Clypto on the production and Realio Sparkzwell on the lyrics, the chemistry is powerful. Back at it hitting you in the head with another EP! They keep the flames alive with this new batch of fire! “Lxmxnxti” pronounced Lamanati.

How can you go wrong with aother dose of fly beats and rhymes? This even features Realz dead homie Big Zilla (Rest In Paradise) on the outro skit from a skit they did together back when they were putting out mixtapes in Syracuse with their LAMA crew. “LXMXNXTI,” “the X’s are for the brothers we lost to the streets and prison system.”

Realio Sparkzwell - LXMXNXTI (EP) front

Yoel Molina Law

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