60 East Drops New “The Freeway Series 4: Rest Stop” EP

60 East - The Freeway Series 4

60 East closes out the year with his new EP, “The Freeway Series 4: Rest Stop.”

Artist and Founder of The Happiness of Pursuit Festival, 60 East has returned with “The Freeway Series 4: Rest Stop,” the 4th installment in the Ep series the artist started back in 2014. For those not in the know, 60 has been on a year long campaign releasing new music every month in 2021 and has decided to end the year with a new project, which features some of the songs released this year from the Artist, mixed with some unreleased joints.

In the past, 60 East would team up with one Producer for each Freeway Series project beginning with Omega for the initial project, continuing with Phil The Pain for the sequel and ending with Curtiss King for the trilogy. This project is different not only because it is much longer than its 3 older siblings, but also because almost every song is produced by a different producer, with the only producers featured more than once being those with history with 60 (Omega and Phil The Pain). The 12 track EP features 8 producers from around the United States with no Artist features and runs roughly 34 minutes.

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