Trizz & MIKE SUMMERS - Summer Break The Prequel (EP)

Trizz and MIKE SUMMERS connect on this “SUMMER BREAK: THE PREQUEL” EP.

SUMMER BREAK: THE PREQUEL” is a 3 track EP by Inland Empire/Los Angeles rapper Trizz and Kansas City producer MIKE SUMMERS. As the EP and song titles are giving it away, you’ll hear that old school summerish West Coast Hip-Hop sound on this project.

“This EP came to life when we realized we wanted to get as much material out as possible before we drop the full album that would give fans a feel for what the album will sound like. So we decided on these three songs because they really sum up the vibe of the whole project” Trizz says.

MIKE SUMMERS adds: “When we first started on the album, we worked on several ideas that helped us figure out the direction. I had been doing a lot of grittier sample-based production before that, using a lot of breakbeats and some of that vibe spilled over into this project. But me and Trizz sat down and started discussing influences and DJ Quik’s name came up a lot- especially because I’ve always been so inspired by his approach to production. And Trizz really wanted to build on the authentic “LA” sound. So half-way through the album, we really fell into pocket with a sound influenced by some of Quik’s albums that we both love. I started using more synths and live instruments and we found the sound of the album. Trizz sounds so good on so many different vibes, so I figured out how we could blend the sounds and create everything cohesive.

So you’ll hear LA all over “SUMMER BREAK”. On “THA FRONT YARD” I was able to blend together both the West Coast sound and also grittier breaks on the hook. I heard John Givez on the hook as soon as I got the track finished and told Trizz he would be perfect for the hook… and he came through on it. “HOLLYWOOD, OH HOLLYWOOD” was one of the first songs we worked on and I loved it. We really found a unique vibe on this EP that represents what I do as a producer and what Trizz does as an artist. And it just works perfectly together!”

Trizz released several projects with Chuuwee and worked with artists such as Tech N9ne, Rittz, Brotha Lynch Hung, CunninLynguists, Bizarre (D12), Rob $tone, G Perico and more. MIKE SUMMERS was a producer for the Strange Music label and produced tracks for Tech N9ne, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Mac Miller to mention a few.

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