Echo Knows Who He Is On “EchoisthenameTV Season 10” EP

Echo - EchoisthenameTV Season 10 (EP)

Echo drops off his new EP titled EchoisthenameTV Season 10.

After dropping his “Bo Derek” to end the year, Echo drops his latest EP in his series. It pays dividends to truly know who you are. This knowledge can set you free and then you are able to live the life you were meant to. Echo brings to you his latest EP with “EchoisthenameTV Season” 10. Each time we hear Echo, he seems to get better. That is a sign of on an artist that is working on his craft.

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Echo knows who he is and that only enables him to be the artist that he should be. Reaching his potential is something that is always on the mind of Echo. Our favorite track on the EP is “I know Who I Am.” On that track Echo tells you who he is without equivocation. If you don’t know who he is after listen to that track, you are listening well. Press play on EchoisthenameTV Season 10 and enjoy the growth of Echo.

Yoel Molina Law

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