GRYSKLL Release Deluxe EP ‘A Tension Deficit’ Championing Sustainable Hip-Hop

GRYSKLL - A Tension Deficit (EP)

GRYSKLL shares debut deluxe EP titled “A Tension Deficit.”

GRYSKLL, a collective embodying the true essence of Hip-Hop, is excited to unveil their debut project titled A Tension Deficit. Coinciding with their 2-year anniversary and a homage to Hip-Hop’s birthday, the EP introduces the inaugural episode of the GRYSKLL saga. This landmark release is accompanied by exclusive limited edition fine art collectibles crafted by the visionary creator behind GRYSKLL’s visual identity, The Ghost of GRYSKLL, Yolanda Marie, also known as the Founder of House of Fluid Reflections.

A Tension Deficit symbolizes not only a musical creation but also a journey of self-healing, evolution, and empowerment within the Hip Hop community. GRYSKLL, often referred to as the “Expendables of Hip Hop,” carries a vital message of hope and inspiration for artists who have encountered challenges in the music industry’s toxic environment.

GRYSKLL is where Hip-Hop finds solace, and the soul finds its rhythm. Originating from a serendipitous connection via Instagram Reels in the dynamic summer of 2021, GRYSKLL emerged as a transformative force in the Hip Hop landscape. Driven by the unifying hashtag #REELRHYMES, this collective of talented artists realized their destiny to collaborate and craft impactful music.
What sets GRYSKLL apart is the rich tapestry of backgrounds and experiences woven into its members. With most members over 40, they draw from a wellspring of wisdom, skill, and passion cultivated through years of devotion to the genre.

Beyond their musical creations, GRYSKLL fosters a sense of community and purpose. Initiatives like GradeSKLL & GRYSpace empower and uplift through children’s programs and mental health missions, and are evolving into membership programs designed to support the development of Sustainable Hip Hop practices. Representing different corners of the U.S., including Chicago, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Maryland, Nevada, Ohio, and Connecticut, GRYSKLL demonstrates music’s power to bridge diverse lives.

The debut EP, A Tension Deficit, signifies a remarkable milestone for GRYSKLL, embodying a journey of transformation, unity, and authenticity. The album’s first single, “America In Cursive” is available now on all streaming platforms. This album is not just about music; it’s a testament to resilience, growth, and the enduring legacy of Hip-Hop.

Yoel Molina Law

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