Sam R I Drops Authentic Hip-Hop EP ‘Nickz’ – A Sonic Journey Into Real Hip-Hop

Sam R I - Nickz (EP)

Sam R I joins us today with his new “Nickz” EP.

Sam R I, an artist whose dedication to the essence of real Hip-Hop shines through in his latest EP titled “Nickz.” Produced in collaboration with Ash Ketcher and featuring the turntable skills of Deadplantt, “Nickz” is a sonic journey that will leave Hip-Hop aficionados continuously nodding their heads in approval.

Sam R I‘s “Nickz” is a refreshing departure from the mainstream Hip-Hop sound, offering a nostalgic nod to the genre’s golden era. This EP carries the signature elements that define true Hip-Hop, such as soulful beats, clever lyricism, and a captivating flow. What sets “Nickz” apart is its genuine commitment to preserving the essence of the genre, reminding us of Hip-Hop’s roots.

A crucial ingredient in “Nickz” is the impeccable scratching by Deadplantt. His mastery of the turntables adds a layer of authenticity that elevates the EP’s sound. Each scratch is like a brushstroke on a canvas, painting a vivid picture of Hip-Hop’s history and evolution. Deadplantt’s contribution is a testament to the EP’s commitment to staying true to the art form.

Nickz” wouldn’t be complete without the lyrical prowess of Hilokalon and Truth. Sam R I’s decision to bring these talented artists on board amplifies the EP’s impact. Their verses complement Sam R I’s style beautifully, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. The chemistry between these artists is palpable, adding depth and dimension to each track.

Before diving into “Nickz,” it’s essential to understand Sam R I’s musical journey. His commitment to preserving real Hip-Hop’s core elements has earned him respect and admiration from fellow artists and fans alike.

In a music industry often saturated with trends and commercialism, Sam R I’s “Nickz” stands as a beacon of authenticity and reverence for real Hip-Hop. This EP is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a sonic testament to the roots and essence of the genre. With contributions from Ash Ketcher, Deadplantt, Hilokalon, and Truth, “Nickz” is a must-listen for anyone craving genuine hip-hop.

As Sam R I continues to make his mark on the Hip-Hop landscape, “Nickz” is a shining example of his dedication to the craft. Dive into this EP, and you’ll find yourself nodding your head in appreciation of a true Hip-Hop gem.

Don’t miss out on this Hip-Hop journey; stream “Nickz” today and rediscover the essence of real Hip-Hop through Sam R I’s musical lens.

Yoel Molina Law

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