Bubu the Prince And 2wo Offishall Collaborate On Latest Release ‘You Never Could Tell’

Bubu the Prince & 2wo Offishall - You Never Could Tell (EP)

Bubu the Prince, an emerging emcee from San Diego and a New Crack Era West artist, has teamed up with Chicago super producer 2wo Offishall for their highly-anticipated release, “You Never Could Tell.” The project, featuring contributions from Eto, Waterr, SK DAKING, and Swab, delivers seven captivating tracks that showcase the incredible artistry of these talented individuals.

Bubu the Prince, known for his unique lyrical delivery and captivating style, has once again demonstrated his prowess with “You Never Could Tell”. This project pushes the boundaries of rap and hip-hop, delivering a fresh and innovative sound that will leave listeners wanting more. 2wo Offishall, a highly sought-after producer hailing from Chicago, brings his exceptional production skills to the table, creating beats that perfectly complement Bubu the Prince’s lyrical prowess. Together, they have crafted a collection of tracks that are both catchy and thought-provoking.

The cover art for “You Never Could Tell” has been masterfully created by the talented artist, @queenhornet. This visually stunning artwork perfectly captures the essence of the project, adding another layer to the overall experience. Curated by @CultureHouse96, “You Never Could Tell” promises an unforgettable listening experience. The careful selection and arrangement of tracks make for a cohesive and impactful project that will resonate with fans of rap and hip-hop music.

To support Bubu the Prince and 2wo Offishall, be sure to follow them on their respective social media handles – @Bubutheprince and @2Offishall. This will keep you in the loop with the latest updates, behind-the-scenes content, and more. “You Never Could Tell” is available now on all major streaming platforms. Let’s show our support for real talent and stream this project today.

Yoel Molina Law

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