D’Shon El Villano & 6th Floor Connect For ‘Welcome To The 6th Floor’ EP

D’Shon El Villano, Miami’s very own Spanglish artist, is breaking new ground with his latest release, “Welcome to the 6th Floor” EP. This highly anticipated project is a testament to his unique style and creative fusion of English and Spanish in his lyrics. What makes this EP truly special is its collaboration with the talented English beat maker and producer, 6th Floor, hailing from Bedford, England. Together, they have crafted a musical journey that takes Miami rap to soaring heights, quite literally, as the title suggests.

“Welcome to the 6th Floor” is more than just an EP; it’s a statement of artistic elevation. D’Shon El Villano’s rap flows combined with his Spanglish lyrics reach a pinnacle, offering a fresh perspective on Miami’s diverse music scene. The collaboration with 6th Floor, whose production skills bring a global touch, creates a sonic experience that transcends geographical boundaries.

The EP not only showcases D’Shon’s solo artistry but also features collaborations that add layers to the project. DJ Epps, a prominent figure in Miami’s music scene, contributes to the intro and outro, setting the stage for the EP’s immersive experience. Additionally, a notable track features the exiled Cuban rap group Ezakossa, adding a powerful and culturally resonant dimension to the project.

Yoel Molina Law

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