Reuben Vincent Releases New ‘General Admission’ EP

Reuben Vincent Releases New EP 'General Admission' & New Video For "Big Bank"

April 5, 2024 – (New York, NY) – As he finishes up the last few dates with Bas for the 24-city We Only Talk About Real Shit When Were Fucked Up Tour (Reuben will also join Bas for the second consecutive year performing at the Dreamville Festival), The THIRD WORLD General, Reuben Vincent, is back with his new EP General Admission, which is now available via Jamla Records/Roc Nation. 

The 23-year old rapper and producer, who was recently profiled by XXL, and highlighted by iHeartMedia as one of its 24 Rising Hip-Hop Artists To Watch in 2024. is a generational talent straight out of Charlotte, NC, by way of West Africa, Liberia.  Reuben Vincent carries the window of a soul who has lived many lives before, and that transcends through the music he creates.  Yet, with General Admission, not only is Reuben delving deeper into his THIRD WORLD Liberian heritage, he is inviting everyone else to do so with him as well; it’s General Admission ya’ll—everyone is welcome. 

General Admission finds Reuben at his most introspective, balancing the wordplay, awareness and bravado you have come to expect from him.  With General Admission, Vincent explores generational trauma and triumph, self-identity, success, struggle, and growth, all over a gumbo palette of soulful, southern, and tribal sounds. 

“The reason behind the title General Admission is, since building up my brand identity, when I go out a lot of people call me “Third World General,’ when they see me, which lead me to play off General Admission; with admission meaning ticket, but also a statement of acknowledging the truth of something” Reuben offers.  “With the EP, my goal was to capture my mental state.  With this career of mine, I have the premonition that I am going to break generational curses—and bring generational wealth.  Though that’s the underlying tone of these songs, on the surface, it’s aggressive; ambitious, and assertive; and 75% high-energy records.  I speak on my city, my upbringing, family ties, my cousins, beating depression, and generational wealth.” 

With General Admission, Reuben Vincent transcends generations, as he mixes in the sounds of the new, the now, and the influence of the golden era.  General Admission is the next step in Reuben Vincent’s undeniable ascension, and his plans to become a household name, authentic talent and build a THIRD WORLD empire.

Reuben Vincent’s General Admission EP is now available via Jamla Records/Roc Nation. 

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