Pro Era Veteran Super Helpful Kwame Releases ‘A Black Liberation Army Love Story’ EP

Super Helpful Kwame - A Black Liberation Army Love Story (EP) front

A Black Liberation Love Story is Out Now via Super Clean Records the 2nd release of 2024 from Super Helpful Kwame following up on March’s Greetings From Tatooine and the element shifting sole release Puzzles in 2023 ! 2022 had dual releases with the Letters To Fatima from Super Helpful Kwame EP produced predominantly by Grammy Winning producer and Kanye West, SZA and The Weeknd collaborator Nascent as well as the LP Metropolis Now.

The New York City known best for his diverse discography and collaborations with SZA‘s Good Days & Saba‘s Few Good Things producer 2022 Grammy Winner Nascent, Capital Steez led Pro Era , Joey Bada$$ & Charles Hamilton amongst others is back with A Black Liberation Army Love Story. Having resided in Harlem, Long Beach, California as well as the Caribbean in recent years. Super Helpful Kwame has returned to Brooklyn to update listeners along his journey.

A Black Liberation Army Love Story is available at via Bandcamp and on all dSP’s !! 2024 has shown further growth in the innovative Caribbean Pro Era Beast Coast sound Super Helpful Kwame has been known for since arriving on the scene with 2013’s The Help EP on Spin Magazine.

Super Helpful Kwame - A Black Liberation Army Love Story (EP) back
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