Lando Chill – Signs With Mello Music & Coroner (Video)

Lando Chill - Signs With Mello Music & Coroner (Video)

Lando Chill Signs With Mello Music & Coroner Video

The 24 year old, Chicago born & raised rap artist/songwriter, Lando Chill has been making waves & turning heads in the deep Southwest, calling Tucson, Arizona his current musical home base of operation. Even whilst growing up in a choir & theater orientated background due to his mother, music wasn’t a prerogative until, by chance, he was cast in a University of Arizona Film School short in 2013 & tasked to lend his voice. From that point on, Lando has been on an enthralling journey through music, touring the country in 2015 & developing new records with his band, comprised of Chris “Deep Greasy” Pierce, Andy “Lasso” C, Jimmy “Jimbo”  Borquez, & Isaiah “Zayah” Briggs.  The blend of art and emotion puts them in same category as artists like Gil Scott Heron, J. Cole, and The Roots.
Mello Music Group looks forward to releasing Lando Chill’s album late this summer.

“Grew up in a single parent home with 2 women, I was lame growing up, still am.  Grew out my hair due to the fact that I didn’t feel like combing it out.  I wear glasses not by choice.  I could never get a government job.  Music and poetry are the best things that ever happened to me.  Let me show you what I can do.” – Lando Chill

“Lando was packing venues in the region and doing cover stories for the weekly when he came on my radar. The first time I listened to Lando’s music I ended up waking up with it still playing in my head the next day. Melodies swam in my head and I found myself playing his songs on repeat every time I got in the car. Then I started sharing the songs with my inner circle, asking what others felt – we were all enjoying it with that easy comfort good music brings. Then my girl gave it the nod too, so there wasn’t much more to it: I called Lando, we met up, had a few drinks at a local joint, met his crew, then talked and vibed for a couple of hours. It was that natural, the next week we signed him and did a J. I think I still have cotton mouth from the Skywalker,” says Mello.

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