Steve Rifkind of Loud Records Celebrates With Axel Leon At Private Listening Event

Steve Rifkind of Loud Records Celebrates With Axel Leon

On a Thursday evening, in New York City, Axel Leon, rapper from the Bronx, held his Private Listening Event at Jimmy’s NYC located in Midtown. The event was hosted by Steve Rifkind of Loud Records in honor of Axel Leon’s latest project Juicus Christ and new mixtape Liv Loud.

Press and media filled the room at Jimmy’s NYC in anticipation for the evening. The event began with the serving of delicious hors d’oeuvres and refreshing beverages. Steve Rifkind provided a prudent introduction for Axel and his future in the music industry. “Jim Jones introduced me to Axel at the BET Hip Hop Awards and said to me, if you are going to start Loud Records again, I have the perfect artist for you,” said Steve Rifkind, “And that brings us here!”

Axel Leon took the crowd through his Liv Loud mixtape which had the entire room locked into a vibe full of head nods to show appreciation of his talent. Shortly after, tracks from his recently released project, Juicus Christ were played and received the same gratification, with Axel rapping every word full of energy for his music.

Mecc of AllHipHop said, “One of the most exciting lyricists of the modern era. I expect great things.”

“Axel has always been ahead of his time it’s such an amazing experience watching him flourish in this industry that feared his talent since he was a toddler,” said Buda the Future, “He’s just getting warmed up his work ethic and talent is alien like for years it’s been a disservice not being able to hear his music amongst the A-Listers but now it’s gonna be crazy his potential is great now I have to grab the popcorn and watch the masterpiece unfold.”

“Axel visceral lyricism is a breath of fresh air during a time when bars are devalued. Every line from him feels like its leading up to something clever and impactful,” said Keith Nelson Jr of Digital Trends.

Other notable guests included Music Manager Jimbo, Owner of Fader Magazine Rob Stone, Head of Urban Programming Yomi Desalu, Recording Artist and Activist Mysonne, Recording Artist Younglord, DJ Michael Medium of Hot 97, Recording Artist Willy Dope, DJ NOE, Terrel Blair of HLM Media, Cynthia Horner of Juicy Magazine, Jakk Doe, Rocko Rathon, Johnny Nunez, and more.

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