Top 8 Singles: June 23 – June 29 led by Official IceTeam, Killy Shoot & Merc Majah

Our staff has selected the Top 8 singles for the week of June 23 – June 29. This week’s list is led by Official IceTeam, Killy Shoot and Merc Majah.

Official IceTeam – Versace Cologne
The Official IceTeam is a high energy teenage crew, currently consisting of Kidd Showout and K3. They are a dynamic duo who rhythmically compliment each other. Their music is electrifying and sonically pleasing. 

Killy Shoot – The Grip
Killy Shoot takes time away from his brothers of Home Team to release new music, The Worcester, MA artist is back with a new single and connects with producer Ras Beats.

Merc Majah – Mercdeez
Merc Majah makes his debut on SpitFireHipHop with his new single. Merc Majah made ‘Mercdeez‘ for all those who have made from the bottom and worked their way to success. Merc knows that the struggle to make it through the rain hurts, but don’t give up. We felt the pain in his new single.

  1. Official IceTeam – Versace Cologne
  2. Killy Shoot – The Grip
  3. Merc Majah – Mercdeez
  4. Mr. Cheeks ft. Stephen Marley – Greatest Gift
  5. Modenine & Teck-Zilla ft. AWKWORD – Collage
  6. Mobb The God ft. Mr. Ripley – Black Science
  7. Base AuraGammi x Quizzy Quo “Know Daat” Single
  8. DillanPonders – RACKS

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