Curren$y & Harry Fraud ft. Wiz Khalifa “90 IROC-Z” & Announce New Project “The OutRunners”

Though they previously collaborated together on past fan favorite projects Cigarette Boats, The Stage (with Smoke DZA) & The Marina, Curren$y and Harry Fraud have been hinting about a new forthcoming collaborative announcement on their socials the last few days and today they have made it official with the release of their new single “90 IROC-Z” featuring Wiz Khalifa and the unveiling of the projects tracklisting.

“90 IROC-Z” felt like one of those joints Harry and I would have dropped on HOWFLY back in the day man.  Whenever we work it’s a time warp and we go back to 08/09” Curren$y lamented.

“This song gives me the feeling of summer time, driving in a convertible with the top down, blasting your favorite shit” Fraud added about “90 IROC-Z.”

Curren$y & Harry Fraud’s The OutRunners will be released on 7-24-20 and is completely produced by Harry Fraud and includes collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Conway The Machine & Jim Jones.

“Even those who have known me forever will find out things they didn’t know with The OutRunners.  As long as I’ve been surviving out here, I realize we’ve got so much growing to do” Curren$y stated.  “Thank you Harry Fraud, this collaboration brought more out of me then I’ve ever seen or heard.  I can’t wait to share this project with everyone.”

Tracklisting & Credits For Curren$y & Harry Fraud’s The OutRunners:

  1.)  “The Offload”

  2.)  “Cutlass Cathedrals”

  3.)  “90 IROC-Z” feat. Wiz Khalifa

  4.)  “Gold & Chrome”

  5.)  “Mugello Red” feat. Rick Ross

  6.)  “Rivera Beach” feat. Conway The Machine

  7.)  “Seven Seas”

  8.)  “In The Coupe” feat. Jim Jones

  9.)  “Pounds Of Paper”

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