Ras Beats Does DJ set on radio show Holdbar Hip Hop

Ras Beats did DJ set for ‘Holdbar Hip Hop’ radio show based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We know Ras Beats as a producer who has produced some of Hip-Hop’s best. We had no idea that he was doing DJ sets as well. He recently did a set for Denmark radio show, Holdbar Hip Hop.

He is set will take you back to the golden era of Hip-Hop which is refreshing. Listen to the set up below. This set uses on album tracks and no remixes.

Track listing
Master Ace – Brooklyn Battles
Yomo & Maulkie – When Your Back’s Turned
Hard Knocks – Ghetto Love
Tragedy – Game Type
EPMD – Total Chaos
Brand Nubian – Step To The Rear
Black Sheep – Black With N.V. (No Vision)
De La Soul – Fanatic Of The B Word
Gang Starr – Take Two And Pass
Stezo – Gets Into His Move

Yoel Molina Law

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