Top 8 Singles: June 21 – June 27 led by Apollo Brown & Che’ Noir, Maverick Gawain & Yellow Balaclava & Gloop

Our staff located in Austin, Texas has selected the Top 8 Singles for the week of June 21 – June 27. SpitFireHipHop is the source in Austin, Texas for Hip-Hop music, videos and news. This week’s Top 8 Singles list is led by Apollo Brown & Che’ Noir, Maverick Gawain & Yellow Balaclava & Gloop.

Apollo Brown & Che Noir – Freedom

Buffalo and Detroit are America’s broken dream. They are once thriving cities, now known for frigid temperatures and violent crime. The cities were birthed in a different era, forged in fire, built of cold steel. It follows that the rawest Hip-Hop in recent memory has bled from these two regions.

Jamil Honesty & DJ Grazzhoppa ft. Revalation & Substance810 – Reagan Era

Baltimore artist Jamil Honesty and veteran DJ/Producer DJ Grazzhoppa (Belgium) team up as â€œThe Fix” to give you a dose of that authentic Hip-Hop you’ve wanted on their new album â€œThis Is War” Out Now (6/12/20)! On â€œReagan Era” they enlist the likes of Massachusetts wordsmith Revalation (of EMS) & Michigan dual threat  Substance810.

Singapore Kane & DJ Premier – Dreams & Visions

Singapore Kane went from being the offspring of under-privileged Jamaican immigrants, to living in an environment surrounded by parasites and having constant restrictions/blockages thrown in his path.

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  1. Apollo Brown & Che Noir – Freedom
  2. Maverick Gawain – Black Tears
  3. Yellow Balaclava & Gloop ft. Boob Bronx – Crack The Safe
  4. BigBob ft. Chuck Burns, Red Dot & LDontheCut – Pandemic
  5. Marcellus Juvann – Tha Gritz
  6. Taiyamo Denku ft. Solomon Childs, Rambunxious & The Genius – Good Guy, Bad Guy
  7. OBX ft. Caspo – Becareful What U Ask 4
  8. Tre Capital – The Foundation 2
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