Gang Starr Drops “Glowing Mic” & “One Of The Best Yet” Instrumental Album

Last fall, after a sixteen-year hiatus in-between projects, DJ Premier set the music industry ablaze by announcing a new and historic Gang Starr album One Of The Best Yet. While his brother Guru had passed away ten-years prior, against all odds, Preem willed the album into existence and embarked on an emotional journey that had been years in the making.   â€œI never lost faith or wavered.  I still felt it inside of me” Premier commented.   “We all want the things we want right now, but I’m a patient guy.  I hung in there and just kept believing.”

Meticulously crafted by DJ Premier, One Of The Best Yet immediately resonated with critics and fans alike.  There was no escaping its monumental impact culturally and on the charts.  

While One Of The Best Yet further cemented Gang Starr’s legacy and harkened you back to their seminal work of the past, just as importantly, it re-established their influence in a modern-day perspective; which their feature in the New York Times poignantly affirmed.

Now, nearly a year after the release of One Of The Best Yet, DJ Premier announces its release in instrumental form, and he does so with a brand new Gang Starr single “Glowing Mic.” 

One of Guru’s main defining characteristics was his larger than life persona, energy and undeniable aura.  DJ Premier has always possessed an innate ability to accentuate the words Guru manifests and he again displays those qualities with “Glowing Mic.”  â€œThere are two versions of a song called “Mr. Gang Starr,” one version was released right after Guru passed away.  The version I had stored away has totally different and unreleased lyrics” DJ Premier revealed to Rolling Stone.  “As I was constructing the track, I found a scratch from Torae “I Destroy The Mic For My Glow” and it was an instant decision on what to name the track (“Glowing Mic”).”

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Forever a purist, DJ Premier is the embodiment of a DJ and the culture, which is why it was essential for him to release One Of The Best Yet in instrumental form.  “The DJ market, especially for instrumentals has never waned.  I have always stayed in tune with my consumers because I am one of them” Preem commented.  “I like to release what I would buy and it seems like I am not alone.”

Now that he has had time to process the voyage that was One Of The Best Yet, DJ Premier reaffirms that the response to the album resonates just as much for him today, as it did the day it was released.  “I feel totally satisfied knowing I made so many people happy; including Guru’s family, his fans and peers who love him and Gang Starr.”  

Purchase and stream Gang Starr’s new single “Glowing Mic” & One Of The Best Yet Instrumental Album at your preferred DSP:

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