Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Austin, TX

Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Austin, TX

In Austin, Texas looking for some GREAT hip-hop clubs? We’ve got you covered.

When you think of Texas, you may be thinking big cowboy hats and country music. Though there is plenty of that, there is also plenty of hip-hop clubs out there full of chill people looking to just hang out and listen to good music.

You do not have to stress about locating these little hidden gems because we’ve done it for you!

Here are some of the best hip-hop clubs in Austin Texas.


Lit Lounge
I feel like I do not have to say anything about this one because the name really says it all.

Their website says that they pride themselves in bringing together all the diversity in downtown Austin, which we love.

Lit Lounge boasts live DJs, bottle service, and a great upscale environment.

They do have a dress code so be mindful of that before going, but as long as you don’t come in wearing tennis shoes or gym shorts you should be fine. Just like any club, try to look your best and don’t wear your athletic clothes. You don’t have to rent a tux for the occasion.

Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Austin TX

The Eastern
On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Lit Lounge, The Eastern is more of a dive bar type vibe. If you’re looking for a really laid-back atmosphere, this is the one for you.

The Eastern never charges a cover and has happy hour every day of the week. They also have a really nice patio to hang out on which is a good change from a lot of the stuffy clubs in Austin.

They tend to play hip-hop music with the occasional indie tune. They do a lot of theme nights so check their calendar before you go to make sure that the theme matches up with the music you’re looking to hear.

Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Austin TX

Darband Hookah Lounge
Okay, the people are raaaaaving about this place.

They’ve got good hookah, chicken wings, gyros, strong drinks, and a solid little food menu. What’s not to love?

This place is unique because it’s a hookah bar but it also has a live DJ and a dance floor. It’s really hard to find that kind of thing anywhere else and it’s one of those places where literally everyone is comfortable.

One thing that the reviews all have in common is the mention of the great vibes and atmosphere. I’m sold!

Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Austin TX

Speakeasy Austin
Rocking since 1997, Speakeasy Austin is one of the best music venues around.

Speakeasy Austin hosts different artists daily. You could be walking into headbanging music or people twerking, there really isn’t an in between. So, if you’re looking for hip-hop music, pull up their calendar and do a little research to make sure the music playing that night fits.

All in all, they’ve got good drinks, a big dance floor, and a ton of different party packages available if you want to go in a group or for a special occasion.

Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Austin TX

The Belmont
Another great music venue, The Belmont has rebranded as more of a private event space during the COVID 19 pandemic but promises they’re coming back soon. And when they do, we will be first in line!

This is a huge space with both inside and outside spots to hang out in.

They’ve had a lot of great hip-hop artists in the past, but this is another one that you’re going to want to check the calendar for. On its hip-hop nights, it’s easily one of the top hip-hop clubs in Austin Texas!

Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Austin TX

Come and Take It Live
Priding themselves as a “genre neutral” space, Come and Take It Live hosts some of the best hip-hops artists and when it does, it’s hopping.

The staff is super chill, the facilities are super clean, and it’s all around just a super great atmosphere. You know the drill by now, check the calendar before you go!

Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Austin TX

The inside of this place is full of graffiti, which makes for a really cool and unique vibe.

It’s temporarily closed due to COVID but once it opens back up, you’ll love the cheap drinks and great music. They play hip-hop music every Saturday night!

Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Austin TX

The Rose Room
The Rose Room calls themselves “a forum for sound and light where dance and music synthesize into a cacophonous symphony of energy.” Who wrote this, and are they going to be there when I go? Let me know.

This place is really nice and makes you forget that you’re even in Austin. There’s a super nice dance floor, cool lights, and they even have a fog machine to add to the vibe. If you’re wanting a place that has more of a Vegas/big city club feel then this is the perfect spot for you.

Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Austin TX

Rio is a classic and is one of the best hip-hop clubs in Austin.

There are three levels, so if one is too crowded for you just go upstairs! The bottom level is more of a sports bar, the middle is the dance club area, and the top level has a pool and hookah.

This place is unique because each level really is a totally different vibe.

Rio does tend to attract the younger to mid-twenties crowd, whether this is a positive or a negative is up to you!

Austin is lit, seriously.
If you’re looking for hip-hop music and a good atmosphere, there are plenty of options for you in Austin Texas. Even places that don’t label themselves as a hip-hop joint still have different nights where they play exclusively hip-hop and rap music, so my advice is to check the calendar of the venue before you go to save yourself some Uber money getting somewhere else.

A lot of the clubs in Austin have dress codes, but don’t wear gym clothes and you’ll be fine.

Though it’s a little surprising if you’re not from the area, Austin is a super diverse place with a lot of different options for clubs and places not just playing country music.

Have a good time!

Yoel Molina Law

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