Tommy Swisher Releases “All Love” Single & Video

Tommy Swisher - All Love

Tommy Swisher gives us his single and visual for “All Love.”

Tommy​ Swisher​ is back with a new energy this year. Tommy​ gives us his new positive single and visual “All Love.” The song was inspired to turn hate into positivity from past experiences. The rain in the visual visualizes even through the storm you have to persevere with strength and stay positive.

Tommy described how the song was made : “I remember before writing this song me & one of the homies were having a conversation where I told them how I was feeling down because despite all my I’ve shown nothing but love it seemed like no one wanted to see me win. The homies reply motivated me to go to the studio & record that night. What he told me was “You have to take the hate & change it into something positive. Your life isn’t normal & people will always hate you for it.”. Within an hour I was in the studio recording the lyrics “know that they hate but it’s all love.”

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