Houston Legend & Screwed Up Click Member Lil O Releases New Video & Announces Winners of Exclusive Date Nite Challenge

Lil O - Date Nite

Lil O releases his new “Date Nite” visual.

Lil’ O, first exploded onto the scene with “Can’t Stop,” a success-as-the-sweetest-revenge anthem that featured a young Destiny’s Child back before Beyonce would go on to take over the world. As a member of the legendary Screwed Up Click, O went on to wreck Screw tapes alongside the rest of Houston’s finest game spitters, all the while establishing himself as one of the city’s most consistent hitmakers with southern classics like the timeless “Back Back” AKA (Give Me Fifty Feet), “Players Get Chose,” and a slew of other regional hits.

The Houston legend Lil O has released a visual for his new single “Date Nite” off his new project “The Greatest of All Players”. In efforts to restore the vibe and love this holiday season, he challenged Houstonians to participate in the “Date Nite Challenge.” Fans were encouraged to take their significant others on a date and record a video of the date using Lil O’s new single “Date Nite.”

Lil O is excited to announce he has chosen 3 couples for the Ultimate Date Nite Experience! These couples will receive an exclusive date nite courtesy of Lil O before Christmas. Please see videos below of the 3 winners of the #DateNiteChallenge!

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