Ras Kass Releases “MLK Day” Single & Lyric Video Feat. Eric Jaye

Ras Kass - MLK Day

On the day that celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Ras Kass releases the new “MLK Day” single and video featuring Eric Jaye.

Lyrical urban philosopher / West Coast legend Ras Kass drops new track “MLK Day.” Produced by TRACKZ 100 and featuring soul vocals from Eric Jaye, the track (with animated video courtesy of Ninja Vanish!) does a deep social assessment on Dr. King’s birthday.

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Tracing thoughts on the assassination of the Minster/Civil Rights icon (the track’s cover image is that of James Earl Ray, the American criminal who assassinated Dr. King in 1968) to modern-day domestic terrorism as well as the cultural state of art for commerce over consciousness, Ras wants the listener to decide, how much progress has America really made?

“MLK Day” is a leaked song from the forthcoming Public Enemy-inspired ensemble cast LP BLACK STEEL (to drop in the fall 2022).

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