Jon Wiilde Releases Anthem For The Great Resignation, “Quit Your Job”

Jon Wiilde - Quit Your Job

Jon Wiilde debuts on SpitFireHipHop with “Quit Your Job” video.

The forced introspection of the pandemic caused a shift in work culture, and with that came a career renaissance. From quiet quitting to the great resignation, people have decided enough is enough and are taking control of their own narratives. One such person is singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jon Wiilde, who today offers up the perfect anthem for the times with his vibey new single Quit Your Job.

Hailing from Sacramento, California, the multi-talented Wiilde is in the midst of his own professional evolution. Having spent the last 8 years teaching at, and later running, a music school and recording studio, he’s focused on his transition from teacher to artist.

This awakening is what inspired Quit Your Job”, with Wiilde sharing, “I used to set my teaching schedule so I could drive the 6 hours down to Los Angeles for sessions a few days during the week. On one of the trips, I worked with an incredibly talented producer and songwriter Ryan Marrone. We got a strong start on a record, I left that evening, and the next day alone in a studio the phrase ‘Quit Your Job’ came to me, and I finished writing the tune.”

He adds, “It was that trip that I realized that my time teaching lessons had come to an end, and this needed my full attention. Everyone has a jumping off point, and this was mine. It was hard decision to make, but it felt right.”

A couple weeks later Wiilde had his first “viral” Tiktok moment. Feeling this was a small nod from the universe that he was on right the path, he set out to continue this journey.

“Quit Your Job” is quite special musically, Wiilde pulls from a myriad of influences creating a fusion of alternative and psychedelic rock with undertones of hip-hop and alt-R&B. The entertaining accompanying music video follows Wiilde at his monotonous day job as a store clerk while by his cannabis-fueled daydreams of stardom inspire him to consider a different life.

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