JasonMartin (FKA Problem) Releases New Video & Single “Frequency” & New LP Dropping On May 12

JasonMartin (FKA Problem) Releases New Video & Single “Frequency” & New LP Dropping On May 12

JasonMartin drops off his new video and single for “Frequency.”

New name, who dis…  In life, your name is your brand.  It’s the connective tissue that gives you and those around you a sense of who you are, and your place in the world.  As an artist, the overarching goal is to cultivate a trusted name and brand that symbolizes cultural value and significance to the masses.   

Over the last decade, the artist FKA as Problem has achieved that and then some.  The multi-hyphenate has reached great heights as an artist, producer, film director, business owner (Dubbs Coffee Shop in Hollywood), entrepreneur (his Coffee & Kush Brand), and as a fledging actor (you can catch him in the White Men Can’t Jump Reboot on 5-19-23). 

But as the old adage goes “there is nothing permanent except change,” and change can be healthy.  As we grow it spurs new thoughts, new ideas, and new directions.  When you reach that ideological crossroads as a branded artist, you are faced with two choices; stay the course or reinvention.  Some take the road less traveled, and pave their own path; exit Problem, welcome JasonMartin.

“It was time.  Your name is everything when it comes to this business.  Calling myself Problem at this stage of my life just felt irresponsible and counterproductive; especially when my whole existence has been built off creating solutions for others” JasonMartin affirms.  “I also felt that continuing my career using the name my parents gave me was bigger for the extension of my family tree.  Thank you 2 Chainz for giving me that extra push to do it.” 

To coincide with the name change, JasonMartin is also announcing his new album, I Owe Myself, which will be released on 5-12-23 and he has now released the album’s first single and video for “Frequency”; which also features Rei The Imperial. 

“The hook for this song is exactly the message I want to send in regard to this album rollout and my overall rebrand. “Chill out, we on a whole different frequency over here” Jason comments.  “New name, new spirit, new production, new company, new message, new music.  My family Rei The Imperial out of New Orleans came in and really set the tone when he laid the hook down. Add that to the production provided by The Melodiks, this one could be special.”

Yoel Molina Law

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