Tru Trilla Unleashes “Sun Rays” As The Lead Single Feat. Reks & Lakim Shabazz From The Highly Anticipated Album “XVI: Return of the Gods”

New Jersey Hip-Hop luminary Tru Trilla is back on the scene with an electrifying new single, “Sun Rays,” paving the way for his upcoming album, “XVI: Return of the Gods.” Set to drop on May 31st via New Dawn Records, this project is poised to solidify Tru Trilla’s status as a heavyweight in the rap game. With an all-star lineup of guest artists and producers, this album promises a sonic journey of fierce lyricism, killer beats, and masterful turntablism.

Several years in the making, “XVI: Return of the Gods” serves as the follow-up to Tru Trilla’s 2020 classic, ‘God of Barz.’ As a longstanding affiliate of Naughty by Nature and Lords of the Underground, Tru Trilla has harnessed his experience and expertise to create a masterpiece that transcends geographical boundaries. The album boasts contributions from talented artists and producers spanning the USA, Canada, Japan, Spain, and the UK.

The album’s first single, “Sun Rays,” hit the airwaves today, leaving fans eager for what’s to come. Produced by the skillful LG Roc, the track sets a high bar, with Tru Trilla joined by rap heavyweights Reks and Lakim Shabazz in an energetic exchange of formidable rhymes and wordplay. The trio effortlessly channels the knowledge of the ancients, blending ancient wisdom with contemporary lyricism to create a track that’s both intellectually stimulating and sonically captivating.

“Sun Rays” is a testament to the production prowess of LG Roc. The beats are crisp, the samples are soulful, and the overall sonic landscape is a perfect canvas for Tru Trilla, Reks, and Lakim Shabazz to showcase their lyrical dexterity. LG Roc’s ability to seamlessly fuse elements from different corners of the globe contributes to the track’s unique and dynamic sound.

“XVI: Return of the Gods” is not just an album; it’s a testament to the global reach of hip-hop. Tru Trilla’s ability to bring together artists and producers from various continents demonstrates the universal appeal of the genre. From the gritty streets of New Jersey to the vibrant scenes in Canada, Japan, Spain, and the UK, this album weaves a tapestry of hip-hop culture that transcends borders.

As Tru Trilla gears up for the release of “XVI: Return of the Gods” on May 31st, “Sun Rays” stands as a powerful introduction to the sonic journey that awaits. With its intelligent lyricism, captivating beats, and a lineup of stellar collaborators, this album has the potential to make waves not only in the hip-hop community but also on a global scale. Brace yourselves for a return to the roots of hip-hop, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary rhymes in a harmonious blend crafted by one of New Jersey’s finest.

Yoel Molina Law

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