Miami Hip-Hop Reignites: Money Mogly, DJ Exes & Orion Drop “The Teribles” Single & Video

Miami’s Hip-Hop landscape ignites anew as three formidable talents—Money Mogly, DJ Exes, and Orion—unveil their latest sonic masterpiece: “The Teribles.” This electrifying single, coupled with a visually stunning video, serves as the flagship anthem from their recently released album, “Death Comes In Trees.” Together, these three stalwarts are poised to reignite the flames of the #SoFlow scene and captivate the global indie hip-hop sphere.

If you’ve had the privilege of immersing yourself in the musical genius of Money Mogly, Crowbars, and Jinchurichi, you understand that this release transcends mere music—it’s an immersive experience. “The Teribles” pulsates with the raw energy of Miami’s streets, offering a sonic journey through the city’s cultural mosaic.

Crafted under the visionary production of Falak, the single embodies the distinct sound of “Death Comes in Trees”—a fusion of Wxtch Wxlvez’s ethereal melodies and Planchero’s unapologetic lyricism. But heed this warning: amidst the allure of their music, tread cautiously, for within the realm of these three SoFlow Heads of Family, death lurks within the trees.

As the beats resonate and the lyrics paint vivid portraits of Miami’s urban landscape, listeners are transported into a world where authenticity reigns supreme. This isn’t just music—it’s a testament to the resilience, creativity, and unwavering spirit of Miami’s Hip-Hop culture.

So, buckle up and prepare to embark on a sonic odyssey like no other. With “The Teribles,” Money Mogly, DJ Exes, and Orion not only raise the bar for Hip-Hop excellence but also cement their status as pioneers of the genre. Welcome to the rebirth of Miami Hip-Hop—where the streets speak, the beats pulsate, and legends are born.

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