Moemaw Naedon & NoCasino Team Up for “Burnt Sidewalks” Single & Visual

Pittsburgh emcee Moemaw Naedon and producer NoCasino team up for a trippy new single/video, “Burnt Sidewalks,” that’s a witches brew of eldritch bars and swampy production.

The two like-minded artists hit it off after meeting at a Pittsburgh Beat Night event that NoCasino had started curating. They also shared a mutual appreciation for one another’s music, which led to NoCasino asking Moemaw if he’d rap over one of his beats for an upcoming album. The result is “Burnt Sidewalks,” a track bursting with evocative lyrics like, “Burnt sidewalks from the slimedrops/ Of a martini-sippin’ trench coat cyclops.”

Moemaw liked the collab so much that he knew it deserved the video treatment. After a chance meeting with visual artists from Dirty Martini Studios, they put together the concept for the “Burnt Sidewalks” video. This included gathering more than a dozen tube-style TVs and fully embracing their psychedelic side to bring their vision to life. 

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