Prophet The Artist Explains How He Connected With Rostrum Records & Plans For 2023

Prophet The Artist Talks Rostrum Records & Plans For 2023

Prophet The Artist has release the new video for “Where 6 At.”

Newark, New Jersey rapper Prophet The Artist presents “Where 6 At,” the latest drop from 3 Major, his new three-part single also featuring the Icewear Vezzo – assisted “On My Sh*t” (watch the official music video). The C Major Group/Rostrum artist came to fame thanks to his 2019 single “Irregular” (watch the official music video) which he followed up with “Hurd of Who” (watch the official music video) as well as “Close Up” Produced by Tobi Aitch (stream on Soundcloud).

When asked about the new single, “where 6 at”, Prophet said “One of my best friends, my brother ‘6’, passed away in 2021 due to gun violence. I wrote this song in his honor and name in order to express, share and continue his legacy. This is the life we live. I know 6 is in heaven and I am willing to put anyone there in heaven if they try me.” “Where 6 At” is out now on C Major Group/Rostrum.

What’s the meaning and genesis behind your stage name?

I’m the prophet of the South Ward of Newark. I speak for the trenches, the people that struggle and deal with problems everyday. My music is motivation and people can relate to it.

What’s it like being part of the Rostrum roster? How did you connect with them?

Being a part of Rostrum Records has been a humbling experience. I’m very blessed for the opportunity and I’m loving what’s been going on so far. I connected with Rostrum through an A&R named Crystal Robinson. She must have come across some of my music and reached out via DM and we’ve been locked in ever since.

Your new single references 6, who tragically passed away. What can you tell us about him and how this song came together?

Big Sixowe, that’s my brother from another mother. I knew him for a few years, we locked in. That’s my neighbor but my brother before anything. He passed from gun violence just after having 2 kids. One of the realest dudes I’ve met. The song came together in Cali. I heard the beat, shit was super fire – shout out to Iceberg – and yea we was over at the Rostrum studios and I put that together asap. Wrote it in the studio in like 35, 40 minutes. Just letting the emotions flow.

Prophet The Artist Talks Rostrum Records & Plans For 2023

What’s the biggest lesson you learned in 2022?

Think before you react. You won’t have the right reaction without proper thinking. And don’t let emotions or anger influence your reactions. Always think. This could save you from a lot of unnecessary issues.

What are your plans for 2023?

To show these people why the hell they say I’m underrated, by being more consistent, releasing more music and videos. I’m also dropping a EP which should be coming out this spring. Keep a eye out for it.

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