Bambu De Asiatic – Family Matters (LP)

Bambu De Asiatic releases his new album titled “Family Matters.”

Atlanta-based emcee Bambu de Asiatic presents Family Matters, his new album out now featuring Yamin Semali, Supastition, Cappuccino Meeks, Jon Doe, BLKMjkjr, Ugeorge the Emcee, Sum, DT of The Difference Machine, DJ Pocket, DJ Fudge, Binkis Recs, and Audessey of Sound Sci, as well as Ben Hameen, his crewmate in Collective Efforts, which released four albums in the US and two in Japan.

A music video was recently released for lead single “The Good Life.” Bambu’s debut was 2011’s Inspiration. “Everyone that contributed to this project has in some way helped to build the local Atlanta hip hop scene and we have all rocked alongside each other for a very long time,” says Bambu. “Family Matters represents the camaraderie and togetherness that exists within this collective. It is something different. Something special.” Family Matters is out now on UG South.

Bambu De Asiatic - Family Matters (LP)

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