Eff Yoo – The Eff Word (Album Stream)

Press play on the new Eff Yoo album called “The Eff Word.”

On his sophomore album, Queens rapper Eff Yoo lays it all on the line, welcoming listeners into his life through a clever combination of innate technical skills and brilliantly weaved narratives. Those elements shape the entirety of The Eff Word, a fully realized and engaging listening experience produced by rising Chicago producer, Rediculus.

While Eff’s previous projects, including his Papa Dios release, have been conceptual, there’s a bigger feel to what he’s crafted here with Rediculus-and there’s a good reason for that. “For me, it was all about making a big cinematic sound for Eff to tell his stories,” the producer says. “He’s a great writer and amazing storyteller, so I had to make sure I gave him solid foundations so his skills could translate over my production.”

There’s stories to be heard throughout the record, especially within the grimy one-two punch of “The Great Escape” and “God Hates Me.” Though not specifically connected, the criminal tale of the former is indirectly tied to the latter, which depicts the fall of a troubled young man who loses his faith. “God Hates Me” also features a sharp guest verse from The Audible Doctor, along with frequent Rediculus collaborator Airon Azure on the hook. Azure also appears on the funky, “Burgandy Boat Shoes.”

Eff Yoo - The Eff Word (Album Stream)

Yoel Molina Law

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