Eloh Kush x Dus – AngelDus (LP)

Eloh Kush and Dus return with this new album titled “AngelDus”.

AngelDus” is a collaborative 11 song LP from the New Jersey lyricist Eloh Kush and producer Dus. The mentality behind creating this album was to bring the listener outside the box of what’s going on in today’s Hip Hop culture. This was achieved by shining light on the essence of the art form and by featuring higher-level concepts and esoteric ideas within the subject matter from track to track.

Also the title of the record is heavy on the influence and direction that the artists have striven to create musically, lyrically and content wise: totally mind-altering, head nodding, out the box Hip Hop.

Eloh Kush x Dus - AngelDus (LP)

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