Lando Chill – For Mark, Your Son (Full Album Stream)

This is Lando Chill’s debut for Mello Music Group, “For Mark, Your Son”.

Lando Chill‘s debut album is has arrived. Entitled “For Mark, Your Son,” Lando‘s first album is a revealing look into grief, resilience and the finesse required to live. This is an album made with intellectual and emotional wisdom that far surpasses that of his 24 year old contemporaries. Rhythmically inventive and melodically soothing, “For Mark, Your Son,” is an establishing album from one of hip-hop’s best and brightest.

“This is it- the precipice on which this story ends and a new one begins. I can’t tell you where I’m going or who I’ll be when it’s all over. But, just know one thing- I do it all for you, my family.” – Lando Chill

Lando Chill - For Mark, Your Son (Full Album Stream)

Yoel Molina Law

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