Flex The Antihero – Born Rebels

Flex The Antihero shares his new album titled “Born Rebels”.

Flex The Antihero’s long awaited sophomore album, Born Rebels, has officially arrived. After a lengthy hiatus, struggling with inner demons and coping with the loss of a close friend, Flex has finally returned with what is indisputably his strongest body of work to date. Featuring 10 brand new records, the album takes listeners inside Flex The Antihero’s head and portrays the dark reality that is an everyday struggle with mental health. The issues most want to sweep under a rug, Flex throws right into your face. It’s honest. It’s genuine. And it addresses one of the biggest social problems effecting today’s youth, the stigma of mental disorder. Features include Emerson Brooks, DillanPonders, JiMMY BRiCKZ and Terrell Morris.

“I guess I could use the typical approach on selling myself, but I have never felt comfortable in doing so. I could also cater to what I think you may want to hear, but it would feel too forced. I figured the best way to explain, would be to keep it simple and let you take what you will from it. This is lust, love, loss, and self reflection. It is dedicated to the dreamers, the hopefuls, and the relentless. I truly hope you find yourself somewhere inside these records. This is Born Rebels.” – Flex The Antihero

Flex The Antihero - Born Rebels

Flex The Antihero - Born Rebels

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