Nasir Ali – Esco SZN

Nasir Ali debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his new ‘Esco SZN’ album.

Nasir Ali is ready. The North Carolina native emerges strongly from the gates with Esco SZN, an exercise in versatility, lyricism, and confidence. An obvious hunger resides in the young emcee as he consistently showcases his rapping skills at a high level, from the intro to the outro. Tracks like “Oracle of Gate City” and ”Pandora’s Box” are clear indicators of his prowess on the mic. The production quality is also easily noted, especially on cuts such as “Used To”, “Luxury”, and the second half of “Phoebus’ Intro”. Combine these things with some notable features from the likes of Seven, N.I.C., Eli and more, along with some fun remixes, Esco SZN is a triumph and, overall, definitely worth the listen.

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