Brownboi Maj – Maj

BrownBoi Maj debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his new album titled ‘Maj’.

Phoenix, Arizona’s newest artist, BrownBoi Maj releases his highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Maj‘ via Team Jon Doe/Capital Visuals. BrownBoi’s ‘Maj’ album is the true definition of Slush-shit,a phrase coined by BrownBoi. The cross-genre artist offers an eclectic sound that combines 90 style pop-R&B and the “new wave” sound. The album will feature previously released track ‘Broke Boi’. The ‘Maj’ album delivers honest and pure music that instantly connects with listeners. “He’s speaking for the broke boys…those who might be socially awkward.

The one’s who feel like they can’t get that girl. Not to worry, the Maj album includes music like $he and $hawty, that cater to the ladies. The 11-track album includes BrownBoi’s latest singles, Lo$er featuring fellow Team Jon Doe recording artist, JusXJustice and $he along with other hit tracks, “Drip” featuring E-Batt and Davinci and ‘Drop’ featuring Cruise and Loh.

Brownboi Maj - Maj

1. Lo$er ft.JusXJustice
2. Broke Boi

3.Drop ft. Cruise & Loh

4.Drip ft. E Batt & Davinci

5.Fakes & Snakes

6.To Long (Txtin U) ft. Zayy



9. Welp



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