Homage (CVG) – By Jove!: A Planetary Beat Expedition

Homage (CVG) is back with this new beat tape titled ‘By Jove!: A Planetary Beat Expedition’.

Cincinnati-based hip-hop producer Homage (CVG) releases his third album of 2017 with the celestial beat tape By Jove!: A Planetary Beat Expedition. Homage (CVG) takes the listener on a melodic tour of our solar system with a separate beat for each planet plus the Sun. This ten-track masterpiece showcases once more the beat prowess and production refinery one has come to expect from Homage’s work.

Homage (CVG) recently released the single “Bounce Right Back” by lyrical legend Keith Murray, and has produced for other notable artists such as Homeboy Sandman, Donwill, Rob Cave, Sons of Silverton, S. Habib, and Jermicide. Homage (CVG) has also produced two other instrumental solo albums, Working (2015) and Beats of Wisdom (2016), and in March co-created the critically acclaimed instrumental album Grocery Choppin’ with label mate Waldo from Cincinnati. In January, Homage (CVG) released Gamma (2017), a nine-emcee concept album based around The Incredible Hulk.

Fort Ancient Records is a craft hip-hop label out of Cincinnati, led by founder Homage (CVG) and includes fellow producers Waldo from Cincinnati, Samuel Steezmore, Dren AD, and Phonophage.

Homage (CVG) - By Jove!: A Planetary Beat Expedition

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