Joey B – Closure

Joey B releases his new album titled ‘Closure’.

Back in 2012 Joey B of North Chelmsford, MA (A small town 25 minutes north of Boston) burst into the underground hip hop world with his debut project ‘Closer 2 Closure’ whch featured fan favorites “To The Top” “My Journey” and “Closer to Closure” the album featured Mass hip-hop mainstays Termanology and REKS.  C2C gained many accolades worldwide… For a debut project by somebody nobody has ever heard of.

Fast Forward 5 years, a few personal probems and a dozen singles later and here we are, Joey B is releasing “Closure”.  This is what true progression looks like, C2C had a couple very high quality appearances from regional artists as well as some really good music on it but ‘Closure’?  Closure, takes Joey’s credibility and career to another level.

For Closure Joey pegged Joe Budden, Kxng Crooked, Trev Rich, Slaine, Tsu Surf and Pace Won for guest appearances.  If those names don’t spark your interest, please see a doctor to make sure you have a pulse.  On top of the household artist names Joey also pegged several superstar producers such as C-Lance, Bessed By The Beats, Dark Night, Mikey Bingo and Myster DL.

Joey B Debuts - Closure

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