Eff Yoo & The Kurse -Spicaso (LP)

Eff Yoo & The Kurse -Spicaso (LP)

Eff Yoo and The Kurse release the new ‘Spicaso’ LP.

Enigmatic Queens lyricist, Eff Yoo, links with up and coming, super producer from Toronto, The Kurse, to bring you a piece of hip hop art named, Spicaso, with assistance from street wear brand, Made By Pavlo, this 15 minute EP, is a trippy ride of hardcore hip hop beats and rhyme after rhyme wrapped in triple entendres and double meanings, that only a true connoisseur of music and art can appreciate. Accompanied by artwork from the supremely talented MAS of masgfx, it’s a must listen.

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Yoel Molina Law

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