a$ad & pablø – CØLD $PRING

a$ad & pablø - CØLD $PRING LP

a$ad and pablø debut on SpitFireHipHop with their ‘CØLD $PRING’ album.

Echoing from a small town in North Eastern Ontario, Canada. pablø awakes to compose a project alongside Houston, Texas’ record producer, a$ad. Together, they formed a body of work influenced by their diverse location and atmosphere. The debut album presents a sound of emotional storytelling vocals, with melodic cries that will resonate through one’s mind. The ghostly and mysterious vocals create a puzzling story, revealing underlying messages. Reminiscing pablø’s past and current events, he recreates an unknown cold presence, in which only his footsteps can follow.

a$ad & pablø’s debut album floats high and delivers a deeply moving blend of R&B / Hip-Hop. The diverse balance of space and heavy-hitting vintage sounds will captivate listeners. CØLD$PRING embodies a playlist, of ethereal sounds, to create a powerful journey.

Yoel Molina Law

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