Nomad Carlos – The Nomad Carlos Project

Nomad Carlos - The Nomad Carlos Project (LP)

Nomad Carlos returns today with his new album titled ‘The Nomad Carlos Project’.

Cue the ‘Theme Music’. The Nomad Carlos Project is here! The Jamaica-raised New York-based Nomad Carlos has finally released his new solo body of work since 2015’s Distants. The album features production entirely from Sosa of ArkHouse Music, and appearances by A-Major, Sosa and fellow members of The Council, Inztinkz and Five Steez.

The new album features a storyline in which Nomad Carlos has to escape from New York before returning to focus on his music. Brought to life with frequent skits in between tracks, the plot binds together songs that range from rap bravado (Death to Celebrity / Gate Keepers) to introspection (War Repertoire) to heartfelt expression (Need Your Love).

Nomad Carlos, who appeared on The Council’s 2017 album Nothing Else Matters, had previously released In Us We Trust, Back Home (featuring Five Steez) and, most recently, War Repertoire (featuring Inztinkz).

“Me and Sos changed the soundscape with this album,” says the rapper. “We brought back the skit game too putting a storyline to the music.”

Nomad Carlos is one-fourth of The Council, a Hip Hop collective from Kingston, Jamaica that has paved the way for the city’s underground scene with consistent releases and events.

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Nomad Carlos - The Nomad Carlos Project

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