Lyrica, New York Lyricist Is “Done Dreamin”

Lyrica, New York Lyricist Is "Done Dreamin"

Lyrica, Long Island, NY lyricist recently released her sophomore album titled “Done Dreamin.” The 13 track album features a number of Hip-Hop artists and vocalists including Smitty Rock, Shellz, Anika Sharea, and Feev with production by Kraze Beats, DaeMurda, E Productions, Aaron Sumlin, and DP Beats.

The hard hitting MC claims her earned stance in a male dominated industry and proves to be indispensable. Her lyrical flow and storytelling offers motivation crossed with a HBIC vibe.  “Done Dreamin” will command attention from listeners around the world.

Listen to Lyrica’s story, true to her own self in “Done Dreamin” below

About Lyrica @_Lyrica

Before writing songs, she wrote poetry since the age of 12. A poem her father wrote for her to read at her Grandmother’s funeral was her first start. The love and praise she received for reciting it beautifully, while fighting tears, sparked a dream she had not yet known she’d be awakened too. She began writing songs in 2010 and began performing in 2013. After performing on several platforms across Long Island and NYC, Lyrica released her first project, “RealityVsDreams”, via DatPiff.  In 2014. She was nominated for Best Female Solo Artist of Long Island for the Long Island Music Awards. She has recently re-entered the performance arena so stay on the look out for her next shows.

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