Trizz – The Basement

Trizz returns today with his new ‘The Basement’ LP.

“I’ve taken you up to “The Attic”, showed you around and introduced you to a few of the homies. Now I’m going to take you through “The Basement”, it gets real spooky down here.” Inland Empire/Los Angeles emcee, Trizz released the follow up to his 2018 album “The Attic” via Below System Records on March 15th, “The Basement” is another tour through the same little house of horrors.

Claustrophobic trap drums, skittery synth tones and snatches of horns, strings and vocal samples are the backdrop for Trizz’s “been there, done that” vocal tone. Autobiographical tales of love gone wrong, romances with illicit substances and street life operas are swept up in a dark hallucinogenic haze of gore and seen through a cold and distorted glass bottle full of lean.

Speaking on his musical themes, the emcee revealed “I believe in the afterlife, hell and heaven, demons and angels. The horror in my music comes from a real place including things I’ve seen as well as nightmares and visions I have had.” Long haunted by those visions, Trizz began self-releasing projects in his teens (including his early and equally grim break-through release, “Case 17”). “The Basement” marks his 9th solo project.

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