Spoda – Full Court Press

Spoda Full Court Press LP

Spoda shares his new album, ‘Full Court Press’ produced by Wavy Da Ghawd.

The professional basketball season recently end with a huge surprise. Spoda takes this time before the draft on Thursday to put that ‘Full Court Press‘. The album was produced exclusively by Wavy Da Ghawd.

‘Full Court Press’ is 22 tracks of real Hip-Hop from the lyrics to the productions. Like the Arkansas Razorbacks basketball teams coached by Nolan Richardson, you get “40 Minutes Of Hell” from this ‘Full Court Press’. Spoda’s time is coming and he is just waiting.

Tracklist – Full Court Press

1 ) Intro (Ft. Alibi)
2 ) Tip-Off
3 ) I’m Here
4 ) Talk
5 ) Pissy Staircase (Ft. Rim)
6 ) Fast Break
7 ) Overcoming The Odds
8 ) Halftime
9 ) Alright, Okay
10) Almost Fell In Love
11) Spooky
12)) 3rd Ave. (Ft. Eddie Kane & John Jiggs & Bub Rock
13) Full Court Press
14) Ahh Shit
15) Pops

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