E. Smitty – A Beat Tape 2

Five years after releasing “A Beat Tape” ATL based producer/engineer E. Smitty delivers “A Beat Tape 2” still focused on giving back to the culture, but always improving the formula, still heavy on the boom-bap but focused on moving the culture forward. 

In an era of drum-less samples and auto tune mumble whining, E. Smitty brings you a musical experience that will have you feeling motivated, driven, reminiscing and feeling more focused than ever while feeding your craving for hip-hop and keeping it generation friendly for those who are just discovering this beautiful art-form. 

Hip-Hop is the universal language of the world, whether you’re a flight attendant by day and a break dancer by night or a hotel clerk by day, Emcee by night, Hip-Hop has been embedded in the hearts and souls of humanity.  Listen to E. Smitty’s hip-hop growth now and enjoy “A Beat Tape 2”.

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