Tamara Bubble – Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl 2

Tamara Bubble releases her new album titled ‘Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl 2’.

Tamara Bubble is back with her debut album and second installment in the series, “Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl 2.” In 2018, Tamara Bubble released her well received and quite convincing seven track EP declaring ‘Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl“, but just in case you’re still in denial, Tamara Bubble is giving you nine more reasons why she’s absolutely your favorite.

Tamara Bubble admits she scoured the Internet and locked herself in the studio with music production and influence across the globe. YFRIAG2 features producers hailing from Florida to Cali in the U.S. and from Europe to Australia overseas.

Yoel Molina Law

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